Clay County Clash of The Titans

by | Aug 25, 2022 | FSB Insider

Clay County, it’s that time of year. Eagles, Devils. If you live in Clay County or surrounding areas and you have a passion for Friday Night Lights, it doesn’t get much better than this match up.

The Kickoff Classics were played last Friday, and now it’s on to the games that have meaning. The Fleming Island Golden Eagles kicked off their season with a whooping of the Westside Wolverines 42-6, and the Blue Devils took a beating at the hands of the Bishop Kenny Crusaders 47-12. Now, we play ball.

This a great atmosphere due to the relationships that are shared by the players on both teams. A large number of players that live on either side of the line that dictates which high school they must attend played Pop Warner with or against each other growing up. And there’s nothing like besting your buddies in a showdown under the lights.

Last season the Blue Devils got the best of the Eagles at the Rock, 21-14. The score would indicate it was a close game, but the Devils gained the lead in the first quarter and never relinquished it. Clay would score in the second and fourth quarters respectively. It took a 91-yard reception in the third quarter by Darion Domineck to finally get the Eagles on the board.
The quarterback play was similar for both squads, with Clay’s quarterback, Billy Mobley, throwing for 2 touchdowns and completing 50% of his passes. Golden Eagles freshman quarterback Cibastian Broughton, who completed 56% of his passes and threw for one touchdown and one interception.

The noticeable difference was the inability of the run heavy offense of the Eagles to get off the ground. FSU commit Sam Singleton managed 49 yards and the team combined for 98 yards while the Blue Devils were led by Al’querions Ray and his 115 yards.
But how quickly the pendulum can swing in a rival like this? This year the Eagles are led by a Senior heavy class and the Devils will come to battle with 8. The extra year of growth and experience should help Fleming in this year’s showdown.

If the Eagle’s defense, which took the field last week versus the Wolverines, comes with the same fire under their belt it could be a long night for Clay. These Seniors are focused and ready and are looking for revenge and to jumpstart their season on the road to a State Title? That’s right. Seniors Singleton and Abram Wright, Rutgers commit, were recently on 1010XL(AM) 92.5 (FM) radio, and when asked what the goals for the season are, the answer was simply: “A State Title”.

Some people may read that and think that’s “locker-room material” and that will get Clay “motivated” to play this game. Let’s get it straight. If your child has played sports for any length of time and especially at the high school level, there’s not a coach out there that’s looking to finish second. As a wise man once said, “You play to win the game.” And if I am Sophomore quarterback Broughton and there are leaders like this on my team that have already got one foot out the door to their college career but they’re still looking to do damage before they leave, hell, sign me up. Those are the leaders all programs look for and depend upon, and the Eagles should be entrusting their season to Seniors: Singleton, Wright, Jhace Edwards, Jhoel Robinson, Walker Whiddon, just to name a few.

Clay, get ready. The Eagles have landed.